Two Tier Shelving Storage System

We’ll handle Building Regulations so that your system conforms to all relevant safety regulations.

When visiting your site, we’ll measure your space and take into account site conditions such as safety, obstructions, floor suitability and access points.

Two Tier systems are designed specifically for you by including side and end extensions to fit your area perfectly.

Our large stock holdings enable us to deliver your goods within 5 working days, making our Two Tier shelving the quickest on the market!

We extend standard shelving upwards to include an additional floor level for safe picking, enabling you to use the full height of your building as storage space.

Example of a standard shelving layout
Shelving doesn’t maximise the available headroom.

Two Tier Shelving 01

Example of a Two Tier layout
Shelving is doubled in height, with a walkway and staircase between for safe picking.

Two Tier Shelving 02

Two Tier Shelving allows for raised walkways to be installed in order to optimise vertical space, doubling the storage area. In order to access the different levels, stairs can be installed in specific locations, selected based on the criteria of accessibility and safety. Thanks to this feature, endless combinations can be created to suit the specific needs of each warehouse. Furthermore, this system’s adaptability means that existing warehouses can be extended to make them longer or wider.

Completed Two Tier Shelving